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Mandy Miles Studios



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Fireworks are a must-have for any Independence Day celebration. Their colorful explosions light up the sky, creating a festive and patriotic atmosphere. With expert craftsmanship and stunning displays, our fireworks are guaranteed to impress and enhance any event.

Enjoy this preview gallery of Mandy Miles Studios choice photos taken of fireworks on Independence Day. These were taken in Ormond Beach, FL in July of various years by Mandy Miles.


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Wall Art Options

Custom Framing and local pickup available through Wall-Y-World Gallery on 173 S. Yonge Street in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Stretched Canvas Print

Give your next artwork the feeling of a gallery piece in your own home with this premium printed stretched canvas print.

Framing Options are available for selection in-person at Wall-Y-World Gallery.

Custom Framing Options Available

Acrylic Print

These prints are printed on an acrylic surface with metal fasteners to secure them to the wall, great for offices and public areas.

Metallic Print

Printed on aluminum, give your pieces a stunning industrial or moden feel.

Wood Print

Give your art a natural feel with your art directly printed on soft wood grain.

Fabric Print

Hang your beautiful print on the wall of your bedroom or other cozy space with this premium fabric print with real wood hanger.

Poster Print

Get this standard-sized poster ready for any bedroom with premium quality semi-glossy poster paper.

Orders printed and fulfilled by Gelato-partnered local small businesses. Please contact us for more information regarding licensed use of Mandy Miles Photography.